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FX-Solutions Back Office System is a Web Platform that helps brokerages to improve their work, reduce operational and credit errors. Another quality of our technology platform is its ability to improve customer service. The Back Office Systems can handle: Sales (Trading), Operations (Settlements), Reporting (Business MIS) and Risk (Risk Modelling).

Our Platform Technology (BOS) improves efficiency in pricing, conversion, transfer, settlement, reconciliations, account management and reduces risk. It is also incredibly easy to use.  BOS could help you increase business and help facilitate the transactions accurately under strict control.

Sales Module

In Sales Module you can find a deal entry dashboard to provide real-time information about quotes, deals, payments and account management capabilities. This provides a single view of your customers across products and status. Sales Module allows the creation of quotes, deals (spot, fixed & window forwards), repeat market orders and one off payments. This module allows the monitoring of risk, transaction stages, bank accounts and reports related to the individual sales person. You can use this module to track a variety of information about quotes, including currencies, notes or comments and other data.

Operations Module

The Operations Module has Trade Log (history of all deals) which includes, reconciliation, payments, client management, beneficiaries, accounts, fund allocations/flow, broker deals, liquidity provider, swaps, traces, stats and incidences. You can use this module to go through every step of the service  like in an assembly line.

Reports Module

In the Reports Module you can find reporting across all the BOS modules, real-time updates based on existing reports, performance reports, customisable dashboards to show only the most important information, real time P&L and key performance indicators. The Reports Module is comprehensive and has standard reports in all areas of the business: P & L dealer, individual and client summaries, performance review, commissions, forecasts and others. You can use this module to create custom reports for any module such as accounts, quotes or revenues.

Risk Module

The Risk Module gives a picture of the company's current exposure to the market in relation to margins and deposits in open positions. It simplifies the identification and management of margin calls. It also includes customer credit conditions. You can use this module to find out about the higher risk operations that our company is dealing with at the moment. It will show you information about how to manage that information and the actions required for each case.


Our unique focus on the FX market allows us to surpass the competition when it comes to customer service. We reduce risk (operational and compliance) and BOS has advance tools for increasing performance. In addition, BOS allows businesses to scale faster, with cost reductions, and has no hidden costs.

System Prerequisites

Web browsers: Google Chrome v6.0, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher, Safari 4.0 and higher, Opera 9.0 and higher. JavaScript support and cookies support enabled within the web browser that you use to access BOS.



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  • Foreign Exchange Solutions S.L. has been financed by Programa Operativo FEDER Andalucia 2007-2013. Global Grant Innovación-Tecnología-Empresa de Andalucia.
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